Klaus Busche Chemie and OXIRIS further expand their successful cooperation


Klaus Busche Chemie is expanding its portfolio in the feed sector and will take over the exclusive distribution of OXIRIS' highly effective antioxidants on a natural and synthetic basis. OXIRIS has been an expert in the production of antioxidants for more than 50 years and Klaus Busche Chemie is its long-standing partner.

The OXIRIS antioxidants include the IONOL and NATUROL product ranges. The IONOL range consists of various blends with the active ingredients BHT, BHA, propyl gallate and citric acid. The NATUROL antioxidants are based on tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils, partly with rosemary extract.

Antioxidants make an important contribution to animal nutrition. They protect fats, oils and other nutrients from oxidative spoilage and loss of active ingredient content as well as deterioration of feed quality. IONOL and NATUROL antioxidants are used in pet Food, feed, premixes, vitamins, fish oil/meal and aquaculture.

With the NATUROL range, Klaus Busche Chemie and OXIRIS are at the same time setting a further accent in the field of natural active ingredients.

We appreciate your interest in a cooperation.

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