Our Story

Klaus Busche Chemie GmbH ("KBC") was founded by Klaus Busche in Hamburg in 1975. His chemical-technical education with accompanying studies and professional activities in development, research and industry as well as his additional education as a foreign trade merchant in Hamburg laid the foundation for the establishment of the company.

Even in its early years, KBC faced major challenges during the oil crisis. At that time, the focus of its business was on petrochemicals. The business partners were international corporations, such as DEA, MOBIL AG, Shell-Chemie, German Total and Elf. Large cargoes of basic and intermediate petrochemical products such as naphtha, benzene, toluene, xylene, and others were traded in tankers.

The diversity of products, but especially the volatility of the market and the high capital investment required comprehensive entrepreneurial foresight. Despite the extraordinary challenges in this very unstable economic environment, KBC was able to make a good and solid name for itself in the chemical industry as a reliable partner.

This enabled KBC to build up a successful distribution business with solvents and specialty and test benzenes such as hexane, toluene, and xylene. The customer base included the leading manufacturers of paint resins, adhesives, and plasters. Systematically, the product range was further expanded to include important intermediates such as PSA, MSA, Penta, Phenol, etc.

However, the management's declared goal was and is trading in specialty chemicals. The early appointment as exclusive representative for the sale of complex products requiring explanation was the basis for KBC's continuous development into an international distributor for specialty chemicals.

Today, KBC is a second-generation family-run international distribution company and is managed responsibly for people and the environment by its shareholders and employees.

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