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Every industry has its challenges. Whether skyscrapers or pipe systems - KBC supports the construction sector with a wide variety of products. We supply additives, stabilizers, flame retardants, water-binding and concrete admixtures, biodegradable base oils based on blown renewable raw materials for the production of construction aids and provide innovative antioxidants and solvents for use in building chemicals. In addition, we market particularly high-performance "Compoline" composite materials for the manufacturing of highly complex multilayer composite plastic piping systems for universal applications in the heating and sanitary sectors.

Coating & Inks

We make the world more colorful. In our product range, we have tailor-made products for the formulation of protective and decorative coatings, paints, and printing inks. In doing so, we place an increased focus on environmental considerations. Our non-toxic plasticizers such as citrates (ATBC) and glycerol triacetate (triacetin) as well as our conventional and organic camelina oil, thistle oil, soybean oils and linseed oil contribute to greater sustainability. Other product groups such as additives, defoamers, polymer dispersants, emulsifiers, glycerin, stabilizers, antistatic and our highly effective IONOL antioxidants complete our portfolio.

For the production of synthetic organic binders, we have been a reliable supplier of polyalcohols such as neopentyl glycol (NPG), maleic anhydride (MSA), pentaerythritol (PENTA), trimethylolpropane (TMP), trimethylolpropane diallyl ether (TMPDE) for many years.


KBC offers valuable additives for the production of animal feed. The IONOL antioxidants from our portfolio make an important contribution in animal nutrition. They protect fats, oils and other nutrients from oxidative deterioration and loss of active ingredient content as well as deterioration of feed quality. Furthermore, we offer inert colorless white oils for the production of feed and pet food. They are extremely well tolerated and non-toxic. In addition, we supply highly effective defoamers, emulsifiers and dust binders.


KBC has a comprehensive portfolio for the rubber processing industry. With our IONOL antioxidants, we offer our customers a wide range of aging protection and processing aids. The use of IONOL antioxidants facilitates and enables the production of rubber compounds from which articles for critical applications can also be manufactured. With our customized process oils, we offer quality improvers and processing aids for rubber processing. Our portfolio also includes additives such as hydrolysis stabilizers, phthalate-free plasticizers (dioctyl adipate, acetyl tributyl citrate) and release agents and lubricants. 

Adhesives & Sealants

Our wide range of products offers additives for use in water- and solvent-based sealants and adhesives. The IONOL antioxidants and stabilizers we offer enable the production of aging-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesives and packaging tapes.

The processing aids in our portfolio offer individual product solutions for the manufacture of innovative adhesives and sealants, e.g., the high-purity, very fine zinc borate for adhesives for use in electronic components and the anhydrous aluminum sulfate for polyurethane sealants.

Personal Care

From raw materials to sophisticated specialties, we offer a broad product portfolio of active ingredients, emulsifiers, emollients and natural oils for use in formulations such as creams, lotions, shower gels, hair care products and make-up. We place a special focus on sustainability and natural ingredients.


We offer our customers in the plastics industry a comprehensive range of additives. Our IONOL antioxidants are used worldwide in articles made of thermoplastics and polyolefins where heat stability and a low rate of volatile components are required. Most IONOL grades have FDA approval, and some are also halal and kosher. Our specific process oils enable our customers to produce smoothly and more efficiently. Our range of special processing aids such as phthalate-free plasticizers (acetyltributyl citrate, triacetin), sliding and release agents, antistatic agents, special esters, flame retardants, optical brighteners etc. with their specific properties enable our customers to optimize their processing conditions. In addition, we can also offer zinc borate for use as flame retardants and smoke suppressants for the plastics industry.


Die KBC offers its customers a wide range of raw and auxiliary materials for the production of food. Our IONOL antioxidants slow down the destructive effect in fats, vitamins as well as in other essential food components. We also offer mineral white oils and petroleum jellies specially developed for food processing machinery. They can be used for contact with food as well as in the production of packaging and coating material for food. Virgin oils such as sun oil, rapeseed oil and linseed oil - not only in conventional but also in organic quality - complete our portfolio for this area.


We offer high purity mineral white oils and petroleum jelly with different viscosities to the pharmaceutical industry. They meet the strict specifications of FDA, EP, BP, USP, DAB and NF for use in pharmaceuticals. These can be purchased in a wide variety of packaging units. In addition, we supply the health care industry with native oils, emulsifiers, special defoamers, wetting agents, glycerol, antioxidants and chelates (EDTA).


As the exclusive distributor of OXIRIS, we have an extensive range of powerful antioxidants for the lubricants sector. Main application areas are stabilization of lubricants based on mineral and virgin oils, aviation fuels, gasoline, etc. Most IONOL grades have FDA approvals.

Biodegradability, excellent lubricating behavior, as well as good resistance in the lubricant products made from them - our blown rapeseed and lard oils (OELBASEN) fulfill all properties. Applications include chain-saw lubricant oils, mold release agents, formwork oils, lubricating greases, and emulsifiable as well as non-emulsifiable metalworking fluids.

In addition, we can offer mineral white oils, emulsifiers, defoamers and a range of esters for the lubricants industry.

Textile and Leather

Whether at home, in the car or on our feet - textiles and leather embellish our homes and ensure that we are well dressed. With our dispersants, lubricants, softeners, wetting agents, antistatic agents, dyeing aids, defoamers and special solvents, we contribute to a cozy home and successful outfits. In addition, our IONOL antioxidants make an important contribution to the durability and our mineral white oils to the suppleness of your products.

Detergents and Cleaning Agents

Good-smelling laundry and shiny floors - KBC has an extensive supply program of raw materials and additives used in the manufacture of detergents and cleaning agents. These include completely transparent, odorless, and non-toxic mineral white oils of outstanding quality that meet the highest requirements. Specially developed defoamers, surfactants and emulsifiers as well as an extensive range of IONOL antioxidants in food grade qualities complete our range of products in this area.

Other industries and markets

We also offer high-quality products for the paper industry, the flavor and fragrance sector, and drinking water and wastewater treatment.

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